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ElbOil. Focus on Essentials

We are ElbOil GmbH, based in Hamburg.
Everything used to be better. Goods were loaded into bags by hand. Business deals were conducted with a handshake; people knew their customers, contractors and ships’ crews on a personal basis; and business relationships were based on the word ‘relationship’ rather than ‘business’.


We believe that many things are good today. And tomorrow will be even better. Because we are continuing the tradition of personal business relationships. But in a modern way. With the latest means of communication; with reliable and ever -present points of contact who are always on hand to help; and with character, personality and everything based on trust. Because even in a global world, there are people at the other end of every telephone call and email for every order, every request, every quote and every business deal. This is why we are personal. Sincere, honest and direct.

We are ElbOil Hamburg.


At ElbOil GmbH, we are traders for large, medium-sized and small shipping companies, charterers and brokers in Germany and abroad.
We are bunker traders, bunker brokers, downstream/cargo and LNG experts.